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Title: How to report bugs
Post by: m0d on May 08, 2007, 23:50:25
Unless they are security related, please post ON THIS FORUMwhat you think are problems with the site (excluding forums). Security issues should come direct to me in private.

Open an informatively titled topic. "I have found a bug" is not an example of a good topic title.

Describe the procedure you went through so that I can attempt to reproduce the problem.

Please do not use this forum to post feature requests or suggestions for new stuff (same thing) as this is a bug tracking forum

I will post a reply to the reports as and when I have the time to fix them :)

Please note:

If it involves a module, quote the module ID and the filename(s) of all modules involved. The Module ID is very important, as filenames CAN occasionally be duplicate.

If it involves a member/artist page, quote the Member's ID number which is shown on the artist page.

Provide full URLs if possible/necessary/appropriate.