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Title: New: Filter by filesize & format
Post by: m0d on June 02, 2007, 12:46:31

Format filter update:

You may already have seen the Format Filter on the Browsing page (, however you may have noticed already that this filter didn't impact the search results. Well, now it does. Additionally, the "Format" pull down list which was part of the Search system has been removed  as it is now superfluous.

Filesize filter: NEW!

You may now also select a file size range from the filter menu, which will apply the filter to all searches and all of the browse-able stuff from the browsing page. If you would like to have a certain size range added to this list, let me know, depending on it's usefulness I may add it.

BOTH filters are global, meaning you will have to cancel them if you want to stop them from affecting your browsing/searching.

Have a nice weekend,