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Title: Please read before posting feature requests
Post by: m0d on July 13, 2007, 23:31:57
Quote from: pailes
Since I'm getting lots of feature requests lately I find it really necessary to write down some notes about them:
  • Some features are just not as easily implemented as they might seem.
  • I really enjoy working on MilkyTracker and I've been working really hard on it for the past year, but even my time is limited. Especially when the weather is good or I'm having exams =)
  • Some things are really not so necessary :) They might be 'nice to have' but that kind of things usually end up at the bottom of my list, especially if you're the only one who's requested it.
So what I'm trying to say is: Don't be disappointed if I can't handle your feature request right now or even never at all.
But if you really think you can't live without a special feature there is always the way of donating something ( which will speed up things dramatically, hehe...