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Title: [no bug] PPC Arm "bug"
Post by: Mr Pras on August 05, 2007, 15:36:16
Hi mate

I guess it's not really a bug, but why does the program default to REC ON at startup? this sucks for me as the default I am used to is REC OFF, i don't want to edit the song until i decide to put it in REC mode. Otherwise random clicks generate mistakes in the songs..

Any option to default REC to OFF??

Thanks for a f00king superb software, i had been looking for something like this for ages - writing xm mods on the go is perfect to get my ideas down and import into renoise later - you are a star!!
Title: Re: PPC Arm "bug"
Post by: pailes on August 05, 2007, 17:01:55
In theory you can try to switch to FT2 edit mode instead of MilkyTracker edit mode (can be done in the config), but some things like assigning buttons to certain functionality might not work cause these bindings are optimized for the milkytracker edit mode.