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Title: Issue 4
Post by: m0d on October 17, 2007, 13:18:06
Renoise One Hour Compo

There is a buzz in the air over at the Renoise Forums. Members there now have the new release of Renoise and a celebration (of sorts) is being arranged by means of a One Hour Compo...

"As renoise 1.9 RC1 has been released, we thought on #renoise ( that we should organise an other edition of the Renoise One Hour Compo. For the newcomers to the scene, a one hour compo is about getting a samplepack, tracking using this samplepack only and coming back one hour after, dcc/email to compomaster and then, wait for the votepack so you can all vote for tracks."

The IRC channel for Renoise is on exactly the same IRC network as The Mod Archive's (#modarchive), so if you are already a visior there, you only need /join #renoise when logged in.

Please read the Renoise Forum post here for more details (

The Final Round in the Novus Music Compo

"Now all 5 mini-compo winners are going head-to-head in October's overall compo, competing with each other for your votes. Can D Fast repeat as the champion, or will someone else steal his crown? It's all up to you! Stop by at The Novus Compo to download the entries and cast your vote today! Voting is open all the way through Tuesday, October 30th."

Please visit the NMC website for more information (