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Title: Issue 6
Post by: m0d on November 08, 2007, 13:14:34

December Novus Compo

Quote: November's mini-compos have ended, and now it's time for the next round in The Novus Compo! Poolside, Nygen Dale, D Fast, Storyteller and Solo have all won their mini-compos and will now compete head-to-head for your votes in November's overall compo. And this time, the voting is open for 3 weeks, all the way up to December 5th. We're still accepting entries for December's round as well, and to enter your song, all you have to do is download these 5 excellent songs and vote for your top 3. Get on over to The Novus Compo today! (

Recommended Picks 50 (October)

All of the modules nominated and featured in October have been added to the Recommended Picks ( list, you can view the list here ( Also, thanks go to Skatoony and Saga Musix for assisting with the screening. :)

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