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Tracking / Techniques of Chipping by Vhiiula/Analogik
« on: June 01, 2006, 03:35:54 »
Two chip techniques I found on my own that I don't see in sampled chiptunes, but can be easily done:

1. Randomized vibrato "crash"

You can hear this effect in some Rob Hubbard C64 tunes (try Crazy Comets, or Zoids) - it's not used for the meat of the song but it's great for a break. The effect can be emulated in tracker formats that allow randomized vibrato. (I know IT can do this) Set it to random, max out the depth and speed, then play a single high-octave note and lower the pitch over time. Then adjust the values to taste.

2. Vibrato against non-vibrato sound

This is very similar to the detuned pitch sound as mentioned in the guide, but it produces an "icy" sound rather than a "fat" one. Set one channel to play a note with vibrato and leave the other one untouched. It's more interesting at high volumes with some volume fades.

Also, if you work really hard at it, you can use the IT filter and envelopes to make your samples sound like cheap MIDI synths instead of chip :lol: But the filter is implemented differently in different players so you can't rely on it sounding right if you are going to distribute an IT. So it's not practical to use those things a lot, and other effects are more expressive.

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