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Help Support Topics Archive / Re: Unable to hear music on the site
« on: October 10, 2016, 21:05:52 »
I think there's a problem with the player at the moment. A workaround was posted here:

Website News Archive / Re: Recruiting
« on: September 27, 2016, 23:14:22 »
sent you a pm before i saw this.

user id is 69422

Do you play a real instrument? If not, then learning a bit of basic guitar or piano is a great thing to do as it's really handy to play about with chord progressions. Also when you download other peoples tunes, don't just listen to them in a player, use a tracker and when you hear a bit that's really cool and you want to know how they did it you can usually press a shortcut key (such as 'g' in impulse/schism tracker) to jump to that point of the pattern. Step through the pattern line by line, see and listen to how they're using effects, offsets, etc, to make the most of their instruments. See how they use percussion not just to add a beat, but to bring variety to a song (this is usually a great failing of mine, I often copy and paste percussion pattern to pattern which is lazy and not very interesting). Also spend time playing with instrument settings, pitch shifts, sustains, fades, filters, etc. A good understanding of how these settings effect how a sample sounds will put you in a good position when entering compo's online with set sample packs. Tracking is no different to playing an instrument- spend 10 minutes a week and you'll hardly improve, spend an hour a day and you'll be tracking like a pro in no time! Have fun! :)

Look what I made! / Acoustic work
« on: March 11, 2015, 01:46:27 »
So I've not been tracking much recently. Instead I've been working on refining some songs for what will hopefully end up as my first proper album. Here's a rough home recording of one of the songs which I thought I'd share with you:



argh / fq-music

Well TQL is for the group Tequila. Around the same time Nagz of Tequila released a music disk. Maybe Nagz knows who bboll is?

Can't help with the other one I'm afraid.

The Lobby / Re: HI HI
« on: January 07, 2012, 16:18:38 »

You might find it quite difficult to find this sort of work online when you don't know anyone, and nobody knows what genre, quality, or format of music you can produce. Professional musicians find it hard enough to find this sort of work these days!

When I was at Uni I was tasked with some web design and found some media students at the same Uni who were tasked with producing a short film and promoting it on the internet (long before broadband connections and sites like youtube). They teamed up with one of the music students to produce music for their film and I worked with them on the web promotion, therefore resolving all our project requirements.

I think that would be your best bet, to put a notice up at Uni explaining that you'd like to work with some media students tasked with producing or directing something and you can do the incidental music for them? Not only do you get your project done, but you'll have a new group of mates to chill out with over a beer at Uni! You can never have too many of those! :)

Alternatively, you can find someone who posts videos online and get their permission to add your own music to it and publish it on youtube. Preston Becker allows this:

Don't forget licensing:

Best of luck!


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