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Hey. I know this forum is dead, but hopefully someone who knows will see this and reply...

I was wondering if through the MIDI wi-fi in Nitrotracker it was possible to connect two NDS running Nitrotracker together and make them sync like as possible with Korg DS-10.

Korg says:
You can sync up to 8 units and perform an ensemble. Each KORG DS-10 PLUS can be its own independent instrument, or can be assigned a part to create a band--it's up to you on how you want to play!

I've always wondered if Nitrotracker was capable of at least a dual connection through its MIDI abilities. Hopefully someone understands this and can answer. I don't have a second DS to try this, though if this ability were possible I would buy one for live mixes.

I wish 0xtob worked on a donation system, I'd give money for this feature.

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