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One thing I do when something similar happens (not totally sure its the same from listening to that video) is to stick an E11 on one of the notes involved. Having then be just slightly out of tune avoids the problem without adding much dissonance.

MilkyTracker Community / 'retuning' Milkytracker
« on: April 13, 2013, 21:39:42 »
So just for fun I decided to try to compile a version of Milkytracker which plays in an odd tuning system. (I realize this is not a practical, reasonable approach to using an odd scale, partially because the modules produced would just sound wrong on a regular version of milkytracker.) The version of Milkytracker I've compiled crashes under certain odd circumstances but that's probably because I've made a couple slight changes to get it to compile on my 64 bit machine. My main issue is I keep changing stuff but I still get normal tuning!

So far I've altered the getlogperiod and getlogfreq functions in PlayerSTD.cpp, which are the only ones I saw called over ... wherever I was looking, probably PlayerController.cpp. I tried just changing the large numeric constant in getlogfreq first, which is divided by the log period so logically changing it should change the interval (multiplying a logarithmic quantity by some constant is like a change in base). Then I tried altering the note and finetuning values at the beginning of getlogperiod.

Does anyone know a succinct place to make a change in order to accomplish this?

(Just as a side note, the weird crash I referred to is simply whenever the mouse is dragged or even held down in one spot for very long. Eg, clicking on a note on the piano is fine but holding it down for very long crashes the program on note release.)

Bug Report Archive / Problem compiling (Ubuntu)
« on: April 13, 2013, 20:02:26 »
Hello, I hit a little snag compiling the code. It is the exact same problem (and same fix) described here:

I think the issue is that I'm on a 64 bit system?

A different way of faking tuning is to recreate the sample at a different sample length for each key. So for example the interval I want is 1.0882, but the interval Milkytracker automatically adjusts notes by is something close to the semitone 1.0595. Therefore I should hand-adjust the note by 1.0595/1.0882 = 0.9736 (that's if I'm ascending, it's 1.0882/1.0595 = 1.0271 if I'm descending; shorter sample = higher pitch). Just multiply the sample size by this every time you go up (or down) by one interval. The resolution/accuracy of this will depend on sample size, since the most you can actually change the tuning by is 1 sample.

Any sample size over 269 will lead to higher-resolution than the built-in fine-tune. Which means, of course, that as you reduce sample size for higher notes you may hit that boundary and should switch over to the fine-tune method.

Of course there can only be 16 hand-tuned notes like this in a row. But it's still fun.

AH! Well that feature is good to know about in any case. I don't recall OpenMPT working well under Wine and I've been having a good time using MilkyTracker for microtuning nonetheless. I might actually switch over to that method of faking though, fine-tuning all the time limits what effects I can do. Thanks a bunch for the swift reply!

[fakeedit] Actually wow, openmpt works great in Wine! Maybe I should use it!

I have wondered for months now what the 'edit' mode is, where the keyboard switches to being labeled entirely with zeroes. Whenever I click on a key, whether or not it's in record mode, the piece switches to being 'modified' but I don't see anything change anywhere.

At first I was hoping these were fine-tunings which could be done on a key-by-key basis. I experiment with microtonal music sometimes (and have tables of calculated milkytracker fine-tunings for many scales, if anyone's interested).

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