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OK, this explains it, thank you.

The Lobby / Re: Finding a module by MD5
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:59:40 »
What a surprise. The “lite” version is actually more powerful in this regard than the “full” site, lol.

Thank you!

The Lobby / Finding a module by MD5
« on: August 25, 2014, 21:39:25 »
Assuming I know the MD5 checksum of a module, can I find it in TMA?

I’m asking because apparently TMA stores the MD5 checksum of the modules.

I guess this question goes straight to the admins.
What does it actually mean when a module has been “licensed under the Mod Archive Distribution license”?
If I read the license, it does not make much sense to me. The linked license contains just the upload terms, so they must be for the uploader, right? But there’s not a single term for those who use that module.

Can I consider modules which are under the so-called “Mod Archive Distribution license” to be in the Public Domain?
If not, please answer these questions:
  • Is copying under this license allowed?
  • Are derivate works under this license allowed?
  • Is any commercial usage of such a module unter this license allowed? (“commercial usage” is a broad term and also starts with showing advertisement banners on a website)
  • Which other restrictions or conditions on usage of such a module exist (if any)?

As an example, here is a very old module from 1997 which has this weird license:

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