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Look what I made! / Re: Something possibly presentable
« on: August 27, 2016, 06:44:52 »
Here's another similar track. Subjective quality evaluation is a bit lower but it's a bit less traditional.

As usual, the youtube video:

Look what I made! / Re: Something possibly presentable
« on: June 13, 2016, 14:45:45 »
An interesting response for it's actually the song's relative stability that was one of the reasons I was satisfied with the results. It sounded more logical and organized to my game-soundtrack-accustomed ears and this was envisioned as a looping background melody for something (although there is nothing specific - it was a rather quick, unplanned spur of the moment composition).

I have made more varied songs in the past but I guess I am not really good at transitioning and the sense of how long each part should be. Those either had some awkward transitions, sounded a bit like multiple clips stitched together or actually had things changing a bit too quickly for my ears, not in the sense of speed but in the sense of having a bit of time to appreciate a particular part.

Look what I made! / Something possibly presentable
« on: June 12, 2016, 17:13:33 »
Looks like I accidentally made something that sounds reasonable, so, might as well share it in a music-related location for once.

The composition made with a somewhat odd combination of "90-s game soundtrack" restrictions, that is, it doesn't use instrument envelopes and in this case is limited to 8 channels (mostly for the sake of expediency and, to a point, forcing a certain style).

Most samples are from kiarchive, one is borrowed from beyond_music.mod while space voice is actually from gm.dls.

Hare's the youtube version, but, as stated in the video description, there is a small bug at the end of patterns 1 and A that is only present when it's played in Fasttracker (via dosbox, sounds fine in MPT and Milky) that I was too lazy to try and fix before uploading the video:

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