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Did you maybe save the song as a MOD file? If that is the case, and if any samples had a different relative note than C-4 (can be found in the lower-right corner in the instrument editor), this relative note setting was lost (MOD doesn't support relative notes other than C-4). In this case, working in XM format would solve that issue.

No, I only ever work in .xm format because it's the default and I don't know what the others are.

I've been working on a chiptune remix of a song for a while now, but after taking a break for about a week, I come back to work on it again, and find that the entire song is playing at a higher pitch than I had created it in. I know it's not the right pitch because I can compare it to the song I'm remixing.

I tried to transpose the song down in pitch, but it says that 6 notes will be deleted because they are already at the lowest they can go. (The song is also at a faster tempo than I created it in, but that's easily fixed by just adjusting the tempo.)

How do I fix this?

I'm trying to find a way to have my song jump to a specific point in a pattern, but from what I've found, there's no effect number for that. Is there one that I just haven't come across yet, or is there a different way of achieving that?

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