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Help Support Topics Archive / Re: KEYGEN-FM link returned a 404
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:56:54 »
Alright, I just saw the updated link; thanks for the update :D

Help Support Topics Archive / KEYGEN-FM link returned a 404
« on: January 26, 2021, 14:44:38 »
I just noticed recently when browsing the TMA's Sites we like... section where the KEYGEN-FM was found, it returned a 404 (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED).

Any devs/mods that could address this issue, please let me know.

Yeah, I can hardly imagine the possibilities.

Thanks for the advice; I mean, I'm not really expecting any turnarounds or whatever that was. Like I said, I'll take care of the hard stuff.

Also, possibly unrelated, I have just bumped into your post about the "Parker Kurz" incident. I'll try to chip in as soon as I'm able to. :)

Hear me out on this:

Katherine and I have hosted some streams where we play some of TMA's modules as a part of Test Streams in the couse of a few weeks. Test Streams can be found here. We'll also include a TMA disclosure on how we handle the playback during the streams. Excuse the font face in the page, whoops. :P As it is my responsibility to host such modules into the streams, I'll handle the hard stuff (permissions and such), which may fall under Section 4 of TMA Terms & Disclaimer.

As stated in the disclosure (and the main point of this topic), there ARE some modules that are detected by the service's copyright system. If I'm correct, such identifications are attributed to the module's samples (please excuse my somewhat-aggressive approach on this matter). However, this topic doesn't apply to modules which are re-created from scratch (in short, a remix), with samples that are NOT identical to the original ones published before them. (I have made one before, admittedly, but upon broadcast, there seems to be no issues; it is because of manual re-creation with different samples that really sound different than the original.)

I hate to see the modules being disappeared as this is an outstanding archive to begin with, but I also hate to see lawsuits and copyright claims coming from all directions that will ruin the reputation of this platform.

Now how would that relate to the topic in any way?

During one of my earlier private playbacks, I have stumbled upon this module file that I might have to focus on. Upon closer inspection (which involves downloading the module and inspecting the samples), I began researching the origins of such samples. This is the original one that is the exact equivalent to that module file. I can agree this is a remix, but like I said, it HAS to be re-created [from scratch] and NOT use the samples that sound exactly alike, which falls under Section 4 of TMA Terms & Disclaimer and Section 1 of TMA Upload Terms and Agreement.


I'm open to discussions on how this will turn out. Though I'm not sure what category this topic would befall to, I feel like the Support Category would be the haven for every topic I may have in mind.

Keep tracking and stay sane, people. ;D

Got a little update on the MO3 issue. But first, some little info:

I am using Microsoft Edge (Beta Channel, based on Chromium engine) to browse the internet. And since the browser is multi-account, I can easily start from scratch if there are any problems with the current user.

Now how does that relate to the topic?

Upon garnering the release that the native player's MO3 encoding has been fixed, I tried it again with removed cache (and newer browser cookies) and still doesn't work. I have decided to reset my account and start from scratch, and waited for a few days with intermittent playback of other modules.

It works fine now, and I'm happy with the results so far. :D

Now how about the IT file that was supposed to overwrite the existing MO3?

Intriguing question, but I should come up with a rather simple answer to wrap up this topic. I'll let Saga and the mods handle it.

Licensing issues and other related modules?

From now on, I'll let them know firsthand before making any move to avoid any potential hurdles in the future.


That's all I have for now. Keep tracking and stay sane, people. ;D

Alright, word.

I'll be looking into the MO3 fix on my end, as expected by the thread shown.

Also, Saga, I'll should get in contact you by any means of communication should there be more of his lying around. And if in case there would be a further requirement, I'd get to it asap. :D

I actually do forgot about the conjunction in the first part: I also dug into some of his modules and they also match what is included in the Archive. He probably might have uploaded most of his and somebody did the rest, I'm not quite sure.

Alright... Admittedly, it was originally on his website where the module was found. I might have to contact him at any time if given the opportunity to do so.

Also, yeah, I might look forward on Saga's thoughts about this MO3 issues...

There is an MO3 of the same track already in the archive, however, it is rendered unplayable via the native libopenmpt player. I've recently had the module file of that track (and yes, it's the same name but in IT format) that is currently in the upload area.

This is the MO3 rendition of the module.

I just wanted to know what had caused this to happen in the first place, and any given feedback on how MO3s will be impacted in the future.

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