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MilkyTracker Community / hi all
« on: May 25, 2008, 12:47:40 »
First of all, thanx for the effort creating this great piece of software!
Back in the mid 90-ies I've spent many many nights tracking with Fasttracker II
Though the results are crap (that is if I listen back to it now ;)) it was a fun time and I still think it was the nicest way of creating music.
I managed to recover a lot of my old tracks from my old (1 Gb which was really huge then) harddisk and I am glad to see I can start tweaking those again now :D
I've just downloaded the source en compiled it under Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and it works. Hurray! (can't get fullscreen to work though, but that doesn't matter)
Beside the introduction, I just wanted to thank the creators for the nostalgic moments!

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