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hi I'd like to contact  Henripekka Kallio or Matti Brockman, authors of 'a taste of moonshine' 1997, to get a licence to put the music in my PC game.

Have tried contacting them via the 17 year old email address supplied in the metadata of the track, but it doesn't work.

Anyone know how I can get in touch with one of them?

Help me find that... / [not enough info] porky pig
« on: August 28, 2008, 00:22:58 »
I know this is almost nothing to go on  ;D, but I once heard this song with an old porky pig sample in it. It was a big underground hit sometime in the '90s.
Porky was humming a very old song.

Anyone know it?

unlike toneunkee, I have no experience of trackers. I am a coder. I would like to get into tracking. And am willing to spend a few hours a week to get started. This isn't the 1st time I've tried. A couple of years ago I downloaded protracker and tried to work it on my own. Impossible!
This time I'll try to use the resources of this community.

1st impression of milkytracker, looks very complicated, and unconventional compared to most apps ( is there a reason why there's no 'new' button in the file manager button bank?  Does 'Zap' = 'new' ? ).

Decided I needed help so I checked out the forum and was led to the trackers handbook. I picked up a few things. But got hopelessly stuck when it said
"Input a note,". How? Looked through documentation. The Q key is spose to input a note
Pressed Q,1,2,W etc - no result.
Read some more, milkytracker docs said that editmode had to be on. How do you switch editmode on?
tried following the section switching docs
used ALT CTRL to get to different editmodes then tried Q,1,2 etc.. no result.

I remember feeling like this last time I tried to be a tracker. It's impervious to my efforts.
Please help.

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