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MilkyTracker Community / Milkytracker tricks.
« on: April 14, 2018, 00:08:10 »
Using single cycle wave form samples generated in milkytracker does anyone know any special tricks to change things up a bit?

I know one, duplicate the instrument and draw a few small changes into the generated waveforms...then switch between, becomes more about something else?

Like maybe duplicate and somehow move the whole waveform forward a bit like a phase offset?

I'm looking for special tricks like that.

Peace, greets to milkytraxters everywhere

MilkyTracker Community / Milkytracker for PDA still reigns supreme?
« on: October 05, 2010, 15:17:00 »
Hello, I'd just like to say thankyou to the developers who ported milkytracker to PDA. I was using it a lot then i switched to sunvox. im back on milkytracker now because even though sunvox is great and has synths, reverb and such things milkytracker is just so much better!!! the layout for PDA is elegant...Basically Im saying, milkytracker is still the best portable tracking software. write a tune, then load up the .xm and add vsti parts in renoise when you are back at your computer..its the sweetest thing for portable music. milkytrackers vibrato command is better than renoise, also it has tremelo while renoise does not...milkytracker is still crazily good... hope you guys will apply the updates from 9.85 to the PDA version as well. In summary, I hadn't used milkytracker for a few months, came back to it only to realise how great it is !!! so thanks developers!!!! you have improved my life and are helping the world in general with milkytracker PDA version....would love to see that amiga filter command mentioned in the manual working someday!!! thankyou and keep up the good work!!!!

MilkyTracker Feature Requests / More feature requests
« on: October 10, 2009, 18:48:29 »
In the instrument editor envelope section, each little mark along the horizantal axis represents 2 ticks instead of 1. Its hard to make an envelope that rises for 3 ticks and falls for 3 ticks, for example, because you have to place your 'little square' exactly in between two of those marks. (im not sure if there is some kind of 'snap to marker' thing going on with that 'litte square' or not)...sorry for my explanations dude.

Also, in the instrument editor screen envelope section there is a vertical line every 8 ticks as a guidline for when you are creating your instrument volume and panning envelopes. It would be so great if those vertical lines changed as you changed the song speed 6 = vertical line every 6 ticks, song speed 16 = vertical line every 16 ticks...that would be helpful ah reckonzes.

In the next revision of milkytracker it would be nice to have the tremelo effect working so that the tremelo is in time with the song....Ive tried all the variations but there is no way it will stay in time, it seems to start slowly and then speed up...

whats up with the tremor effect as well?

OK...thats the end of my feature request rant...
Ill try to stay away from the forum for a while now...unless ive got something really emergency to say...PEACE!!!

MILKYTRACKER IS THE BEST!!!! (still better than its only real competitor for mobile devices, its arch nemesis....sunvox)

(nitrotracker is basically pants as far as i can tell)

When I generate a sine, triangle, saw or square wave in milkytrackers sample editor (when sample length is 64), I always get an annoying straight line at the end of the sample (ie. i can never get it to rejoin the central line at the very end of the sample)...its always making a straight line slightly lower than the center line...(PDA milky)

MilkyTracker Bug Reports / crashing regularly on PDA
« on: October 08, 2009, 04:09:59 »
milkytracker has started crashing regularly on my IPAQ 214 enterprise PDA.
I cant figure out exactly what is causing the crashes, all I can say is that the song has a large number of instruments and the crash usually occurs whilst in the pattern editor and entering data such as 'A' command. hope this information can help in some way.

MilkyTracker Bug Reports / visual bug
« on: September 18, 2009, 16:11:22 »
Sometimes when im listening to a song (by pressing play song button) on PDA, the whole bottom half of the screen all becomes one colour. all the buttons disappear (ZAP, POS, PAT etc.). If I use the stylus to aim for where the scopes button would normally be, then go back from scopes to main...its is all fine and everything is normal not really too much of a problem for me...thought id let you know anyway.

MilkyTracker Support / simple vibrato question
« on: September 18, 2009, 16:03:37 »

Im using the vibrato command quite a lot in my latest track and was just wondering about some details.

Ok, so 4 = vibrato, then x = speed of vibrato and y = depth of vibrato.

Im wondering, in order to make the vibrato go in time (like 8 cycles per [8 row] bar) what number must be used? Im guessing if the song speed is 6 then to do this x = 6, is that correct or wrong? would that mean if you use x = 8 then you get triplet timing?

also, i want to know how to make the vibrato go down one semitone and then back up to the original pitch in one cycle. vibrato has maximum range of a full tone in milkytracker so im thinking if y = F then the pitch will go down two semitones (1 tone). Im a little confused because as hex F = 15 then half of that would be 7.5, ie. directly in between hex 7 and hex 8 which can't be written with one digit....know what i mean? so is the maximum value something other than F or am I missing something? As you can probably tell Im still quite noobish and really confused by this so any help would be seriously appreciated and will help me on my milkytracker quest.

MilkyTracker Community / How about creamtracker ie.milkytracker2?
« on: September 18, 2009, 02:55:18 »
Dude!!! Holy shit!!! (on the subject of currently availiable PDA trackers) SUNVOX is amazing!!!

HOWEVER, I still prefer the layout of the primal, original and greatest reigning emperor tracker, the good king milkytracker better though, so ah gots tah ponderin....

how about a new milkytracker which has all those features which would break compatibility with FT2? (it could have its own version of .xm like .mlky or something...rendering, so wouldnt really matter too much)

filter effect commands + wavetables
pitch wavetables or envelope


FM synthesis!!!!!

take all the great features of adlibtracker2, impulsetracker, goattracker....etc...

all those little things could cause milky to become a monster,  nay, a tyrant, a beast!!!


MilkyTracker Feature Requests / update waveform generator????
« on: September 18, 2009, 02:40:49 »
As a feature request:

How about more waveforms in the waveform generator?
(such as the waveforms available in the adlibtracker2 wave generator?)

maybe in the next version, what do you reckon?

-"ah gots love fo milkytacker"-

« on: September 18, 2009, 02:35:24 »
OK, OK, you guys probably knew about this about 10 years ago already but I thought I might share cos I just found this out today and was well excited about it  :o.

In the sample editor screen I had done:

file->new->lenghth64->generators->squarewave->4 cycles.

this was all in 8bit

so I had a normal square wave, length 64, with four cycles in 8bit.....THEN, I decided to change to 16bit, so i pressed the little said "do you want to covert sample data?", I said NO WAY!!!

after this there was still the normal square wave shape with just a wierd little bit that had changed...i I changed it back to said "do you want to convert sample data", I said NO!!!

suddenly, my square wave had become some extra cool wave that I did not know milkytracker was capable of generating...pluss it sounds REALLY REALLY COOL....I think the process can be repeated to further mess with the wave...ITS CRAZY!!!!! Im happy about waves now possible, the way it messes up the waves is really even...its GRRRRREEEAAAT!!!!!

did anyone know about this?

why does this happen?

(sorry for long post, a little too excited perhaps ...hah!)

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