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I have NT on both a supercard lite and an Acekard 2i.  Both are giving me the same problem.  Saving works fine so long as I don't have more than, say, four or so patterns.  If I go beyond that and try to save I just get stuck on the "please wait" screen forever.  This must not be happening to other people as the sample songs on the nitrotracker page are clearly much longer than a few patterns.  Yet the exact same problem occurs on both my DSlite/supercard lite and my DSi/Acekard 2i.  Its a huge disappointment as nitrotracker is otherwise an amazing program and by far the best on the DS.  It just isn't much use to me though if I'm trying to compose a song but can't have more than a couple patterns.  

Why is this same problem happening ot me on two completely different homebrew cards and DSs when it is apparently not happening to other people?

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