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Bug Report Archive / Audio sample generation problem.
« on: March 05, 2010, 19:02:29 »
Hi everyone,
  last night i rest some hours to fix this problem but i didn't get the answer.
So here is:

We know that Hz describe the number of oscillation during the time of a second. We know also that the note A4 or for others A3 is fixed at 440Hz. We can say that 1 second's sine with 440 periods is a note, is a A4 (or A3).
When we use Milkytracker for generating a sample first we have to put the number for the value called 'Sample'. Is that value the time length? Maybe. If we try to generate an empty sample for the tone A4 then we should put a second of empty time and then generate a sine with 440 periods. But if we use an external program (try with Audacity) to do the same thing we get different number values for the length of value 'sample', why? When we import the A4 Milkytracker seems fix that "bug" using: sample = 44100 for 1 second of time.

Can someone tell me if is this a bug?
Thanks to all.
Mattia Giovanetti

The Lobby / Hi everyone!
« on: March 05, 2010, 18:36:13 »
Hi everyone,
 i'm Mattia from Italy, i start to track some years ago for an Unreal (the video game) modification called "Pearman", at that time i discover FT2 and Modplug. Today i use milkytracker and just yesterday i try Renoise, that seems to be a great program in my opinion.
I got a little problem with the generation of audio signal in Milkytracker, but i will post that stuff in another place in this forum. I hope someone can help me.

Nice to meet you! :D


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