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ChibiTracker Community / Chibitracker & Linux, Wine too
« on: September 22, 2007, 01:22:30 »
My first thing i tried to do was fast downloading & running Chibitracker on my Linux Ubuntu platform. There were two possible ways to do that: First one, was obtaining package for my distro of that Operating System; second one - emulating the windows version of Chibitracker using the "Wine", a popular Windows emulator under Linux Systems.

The first one (rc version) caused such display:

userrr@ubuntu:~/Desktop/chibitracker/chibitracker-1.0rc1-x86$ ls
chibitracker  README  skins

userrr@ubuntu:~/Desktop/chibitracker/chibitracker-1.0rc1-x86$ ./chibitracker
***ERROR-Thread: -1212709168*** -  mixer/sound_driver_manager.cpp:32 INVALID INDEX 0/0
***ERROR-Thread: -1212709168*** -  mixer/sound_driver_manager.cpp:39 INVALID INDEX 0/0
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

So, Linux version for me doesn't work. I am not an expert in Linux and nowadays i haven't found any debian-like version packed into .deb package. Do you have such working package? I rather don't want to experiment compiling with python or whatever - not today.

Now, the second way mentioned above:
I run Chibi under Wine and saw that there aren't any letters on the tracker's window. Hence i rather had'nt any possibility to check whether even sound properly works in this program. Maybe you know some easy ways to fix Wine settings for this program or in case of the developer of it he can just do something for displaying fonts under Wine?

Finally, do you have any idea to run it simply under linux? 

I cannot promise that i will be answering each your posts regularly, but please, write those ones for everyone interested.


The Lobby / What is the proportion men and women here?
« on: April 17, 2007, 15:46:01 »
Are there many women composing music around all the world?

I have a good idea :)! On main page ( could be different
area or areas promoting womens works, maybe as it is under "Screening Crew's Recommended Additions..." too (that list of interesting modules).

Weakness of my idea is some artists can pretend females to promote themselves!

Additionally for checked womens you can grant any prizes for their output.

"Checked" - I see another weakness of my idea...  :hrrhrr:

Here is my suggestion for design of rose box.

What do you think?[/img]

Look what I made! / Snowy Mountains & Helsinki
« on: April 17, 2007, 00:15:02 »
Open EXperiences - my "artist" name.

I have a little request.

In my "artist" page (i am not an artist) there are and Snowy Mountains. Can some people give reviews HERE of these two (or more)?
Suggested media player: Winamp.

Useful list:
1. Helsinki:
2. Snowy mountains:
Optionally recommended:
3. Winter:

For more to review see on my artist page if you aren't tired first modules.

Please, be frank!

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