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i just started using my nitro tracker today, and am enjoying it a lot, but i mostly make sample based music (ie chop a record and re arrange the parts without pitching it, or if i do, pitching all other parts the same value)

so i was wondering, is it possible to assign a sample directly to the keyboard note? then after you assign one sample, you can assign a different sample to the next keyboard note, then wash rinse repeat, until all your samples are laid out on one keyboard.

ill try to clarify what im saying below if you guys dont know,

for example, when you are loading your sounds

there is a row you can load each different sample to
sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
sample 4

then when you highlight one of these samples, the you click on the keyboard below it, it plays the sample at all different pitches, depending on which keyboard key you press.     

what im wondering is, is it possible to assign each sample to 1 note on the keyboard, so when you click the keyboard in each different place, it will play sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, ect. without having to highlight those samples from the list and then choose the sample of the corresponding pitch (ie the same pitch you chose the sample before).

the reason i want to work with my sample like this is, if im chopping a section from a record or cd, i want all my samples to be the same relative pitch as all the other ones, so its a real workflow killer when i have to click on the instrument list, and select sample one, then click note c4 on the keyboard and record that to my sequence, then for the next note, i have to click sample two from the instrument list, then find note c4 again and then put that on the sequence.
as you can see, this just adds a bunch of button clicks, while if i was playing something that would be pitched, i could just select an istrument, then play all the notes (even in real time) while its recording, because they are all at the tips of your fingers on that one keyboard, but with how its set up now, i have to open each new instrument up just to hit one note, and if i have 20 or 30 samples, this can get very time consuming.

sorry about the huge first post, just been thinking that this would be a cool feature to have, if it doesnt already do this somehow.

thanks guys!

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