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MilkyTracker Bug Reports / "jam channels" and "apply" button
« on: October 24, 2020, 00:18:14 »
i think i might have discovered this awhile before, but didn't realize it might be a bug.

if i go into Config and check off Jam Channels and hit apply, I can test it right away and hear that polyphonic keyjazzing is working.
if i then hit "Ok", it goes back to being monophonic. when outside of the config page.

i then have to toggle it on and off hitting Ok, to get back to where the checkbox matches the behavior.

i've found that if i hit OK without messing around with the apply button, it works as it should .  it also seems like if i hit apply, and then cancel instead of "Ok"

there may be other subtleties or implications with this, but i'm just presenting what's most easy to reproduce.

now that i know a workaround of not hitting apply, i don't really mind so much...

i think previously i just did my polyphonic keyjazzing on the config page after hitting apply.

MilkyTracker Support / macbook keys that don't exist (how to)
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:11:18 »
i was going to post about this, but thru searching the forum and googling i found my own answers

on my macbook the backspace key is labelled delete, but it's placed where backspace is and functions as a backspace key, so i wondered what actual delete was if it was even possible, and i found on the forum that
Fn + Backspace is Delete

after finding this i wondered about insert, and i found out that
Control + Backspace is Insert

since i was making this informative thread, i thought i should throw in that
1 or ` does the note kill/note key-off symbol

even if no one else needs this info, i feel like i might forget and look it up on here

without the delete key i was just highlighting things and cutting them
and without the insert key i was cutting and pasting things

anyway here's a quote from where i found the delete info on this forum
Deleting: I'm using a macbook...and there is NOT a backspace AND delete key. (only delete)

I need to be able to get rid of entries w/out moving everything else!
Interesting. My Macbook has only got a backspace key, delete can be achieved by pressing  fn+backspace. When searching for "macbook keyboard" on google, I can see that this "backspace" key I got is sometimes called "delete" key which seems to be a language dependent naming issue. Anyways, press fn and that delete key, it might solve your problem.


i uploaded this video years ago, and at some point the webmaster of squaregamer commented and said the music was from a mod (that comment is gone now)

sort of a shot in the dark with this post, but hoping someone might know

surprisingly every once in awhile someone comments the video wondering the same thing

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