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NitroTracker Support / Typical tracker effects on the way?
« on: September 10, 2009, 00:04:48 »
Curious if you're planning to implement the typical tracker effects like arpeggio, pitch bend, tremolo, and that sort of stuff?   That was one thing I was hoping for.

Another insanely rad feature would be the ability to draw your own waveforms.

Of course, I also realize it takes a lot of time to develop that sort of stuff.  But I'm just voicing my interest in those features! :)

Alright,  so, I used a tracker like 8 years ago, and literally only used the piano roll step editor in PlayerPRO, and had no clue effects even existed, so the stuff I made wasjust really really primitive umm, basically playback of waves with nothing special.

SO, that said,  attached is the first module I've made, in MilkyTracker,  years later.    Just a really short one that I made to figure out some techniques and start to learn the app.   Will do something more "full" next.

Well, really really doubt anyone is going to know this.. but I remember years ago I played this cool Mac game called "Battle Girl".. the music was super cool, and I used ResEdit to extract the music tracks.   Unfortunately I don't have the files or the game anymore, but I was hoping someone might know at least WHO made the music, so I can try to find it!   I seem to recall the music was done by a small handful of diff people whose songs were used in the game,  but I can't remember even a single word/phrase/name of any of the songs or artist(s) .

If anyone knows anything at all, please let me know... thanks... !

Hey guys,

I had seen some of the tutorial vids on milkytracker download section, they are very useful, and great!   I didn't realize MT was as simple as that.   I used PlayerPRO years ago on my Mac, and all of a sudden everything came back.  Just a different GUI and shortcuts/keys/etc.  ;)

ANYWAYS,  Here's my concern.

In those tutorial vids, they show the user drawing by hand some simple waves with the sample editor.  One of them showed them doing a 40-sample length,  another did 100-sample length with the loop points kind of placed randomly.

Thing is, when you program those samples to play the note C-4,  it doesn't SOUND LIKE C-4.  It's not the correct pitch.   The note you actually hear is much different, potentially *not even a proper note*, but potentially halfway between two normal notes.

So,  is there any solution to this?   Is there a known proper sample-length that ensures any wave drawn within it is going to be looping at the proper speed to assure a truly correct C-4 pitch (which according to wikipedia should be 261.626 hz)?

I guess it's possible to calculate the exact perfect sample-length so that it loops at 261.626hz....   Will have to do some research here..

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