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Downloaded it and it sounds great, this would really fit in the intro.

MOD or XM would be a lot easier for me because I know how to program AMP meters for them or other effects. I'm sure it can be done with OGG and other as well, but didn't had too much time to figure out if it can be done within the programming language I use or if there is a great dll besides bass or fmod that can pull this off.

I'll just have to fix my software.

If you have more in the same line I would be very gratefull, just tell me what name I should give Credits to...  :D

I am looking for someone who wants to create something or already has some music which would fit in a game like this.

I'm looking for intro music in the menu and a few ingame music files and maybe something for when you get a hiscore.
The music needs to be MOD or XM.

I do not have the option yet to pay you for the work you will do or have done, but ofcoure you will be listed in the credits when the game is complete.
I would be gratefull if someone could help me on this to give permission on using their music.

Unique in this pacman clone is that it can be played by 3 players at the same time, and that when you get a Hiscore, a webcam will take a picture. The game will be for my arcade project first, but I want to make a Windows version lateron so it can be easily configured and played on any computer.

Here is an example of the game on how it looks at this stadium.

I hope someone could help me with this one

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