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So theoretical I can used both for the same thing. Thanks :).

Just another question: Can't the tone portamento effect always be used instead of the normal portamento effects (Exx and Fxx in IT), or are there any differents where you can only use one of them?

Okay, thanks! I think I've now understood most of the effects :).

Thanks for that helpful descriptions.

First of all, I'm using ModPlug.

So Vibrato is comparable with portamento (Exx and Fxx), just moving from the base note to another note given with depth (relatively)? That means, if given depth is 15 and played note C-5, it is moving between C-5 to almost C#5?

What does it in general mean to "change the waveform"?

Well, I don't understand most of the "special" effects. Can anybody explain me those effects a little bit more (or show me good websites) or show me wave samples (graphics) with and without that effect for comparison? Or maybe short module examples with and without?

These are the effects I don't really understand yet:
- tone portamento
- vibrato
- tremor
- arpeggio
- tremolo
- glissando control
- vibrato/tremolo/panbrello waveform
- panbrello

Thanks in advance.

Thanks! That is what I needed :). Just another question, is there any tool with that I can merge several modules into one and where I can choose the common samples of both mods to decrease the final file size?

Well, I'm looking for a tracker (or just a tool), with that I can replace the instrument/sample in a pattern, but ONLY the number, e.g. replace "C-6 06" with "C-6 09" in the whole song. I need that for the xm format, so if anybody knows a tool (or could make one), tell me please.
Thanks in advande.

Tracking / Re: Tempo and Ticks/Row: And what's the real speed?
« on: April 22, 2009, 19:08:31 »
Well, I coudn't find the formula in the source, but I've tested the program a little bit, viewed what takes how much time, and I think the formula is about like this (time  is in ms, 1000ms=1sec):
Code: [Select]
// Tempo is T
// Ticks/row is M
// Rows/pattern is R
// Total Patterns is P
timepertick = 2500/T;
timeperrow = 2500/T*M;
timeperpattern = 2500/T*M*R;
timeofsong = 2500/T*M*R;
Of course the formulas can only be true is the speed doesn't change during playing. Maybe you should try the formulas out and tell me whether they are actually correct.

Tracking / Re: Tempo and Ticks/Row: And what's the real speed?
« on: April 02, 2009, 13:07:31 »
Does that mean that modules can be played by different players with different speeds?

Tracking / Tempo and Ticks/Row: And what's the real speed?
« on: April 01, 2009, 21:28:29 »
I know that there are two values in modules (IT) that the play speed is depending on. But how can I calculate the real speed? I'd like to know how long a single row takes in ms or seconds, when tempo=x and ticks=y. Is there a formula? Is the formula the same with MOD, S3M, XM and IT? Please help.

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