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Help Support Topics Archive / Claiming a few VERY old songs
« on: March 12, 2012, 14:31:59 »
Back in 2000 I did music and was very active on the scene, I was a member of Alterredperception and startrax, eventually both of them was shutdown, However there was some deal made between AP and Modarchive so that Modarchive obtain all the songs from AP and stored them.. to my delight. Cuase i found this out years later. However they are stored in somewhat of a mess because apparently my artistname never was recorded so the songs are just listed as having no artist to them. wich makes it oh so much harder to search for them. Fortunatly I do remeber a few of them, and I was smart enough to give the filename the start of "TN-" at the beginning, because Tracker_Nation was my nick. However Ive had little luck finding them. I know TN-Bam is there and TN-Never, if tehre are any more then those I dont know.
My point is that Id like to have those songs credited to me as author. I suppose there is no way i could prove it however, other then I write a lenghty letter about a few amateus songs, in the song BAM there is shown some stuff I wrote 12 years ago thats inside the file itself that u guys on modplug has extracted where I call myself Tracker Nation.

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