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The Lobby / Newschool trackers
« on: July 21, 2014, 10:27:06 »
I would like to form a picture what are the relevant newschool trackers today?

By newschool I mean trackers that have so many new features (like VST support - though it's not necessarily must) that they clearly distinguish themselves from the trackers of the nineties.

So, which newschool trackers are relatively popular? At least Renoise, probably OpenMPT too. How about Sunvox, does it have lots of users? Would you count Buzz & Skaletracker as newschool trackers and are they popular or rather marginal? Any other programs (popular or marginal)?

Then, if somebody think he knows, I would also like to get a picture how large portion - very approximately - of demoscene music released in demos & streaming compos these days is made with tracker type programs? Around 20% or 50%? or 80%?

Ok, I guess the problem is that it rejects everything if a comment includes characters é or è, so it seems I can't tell the proper title of my song anywhere

Is there a way to add line changes or empty lines to a comment or do everything have to be lumped in a one big pile which makes it difficult to read?

Help Support Topics Archive / Artist's comments do not appear
« on: July 04, 2013, 18:12:29 »
I tried to add artist's comments to my song. Everything seems to be working, it says that I succeeded, but they just don't appear. Also the field for those comments remains empty.

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