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Yes if it is easy to do (otherwise it's ok for me!)

Thanks for your answer.
(and sorry for the late!)

It's cool that it's possible to hide online module text !!
Can i have this option ?

Thanks in advance

I think it is a pity that we cannot remove an old module which we do not like any more ...

A total control of its artist profil would be better for all of us and the global quality would be better  :)

I was almost a child when i started so i made a lot of s****. Also some of my modules are in double and I would like replace certain texts (like out dated postal adress)

Help Support Topics Archive / artist account
« on: November 05, 2014, 11:52:55 »

I would like to claim this artist page:

Can you give me the control ?
Thanks you in advance !

Benoit C.

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