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This appears to be "japanese.mod", artist is unknown according to Modland. The version playing here is probably a converted copy that appeared in a CORE keygen.

That's it! I was in the right track looking for keygen music, but I couldn't find it myself. You wouldn't believe how thankful I am. I really wish there was something like Shazam for module files.

Since I mentioned the VeryFun program this music is featured in, here's the other music this program plays at random (there may be more, but this is what it usually plays):
  • unreeeal_superhero_3.xm (Digital Insanity keygen)
  • dubmood_-_mario_airlines_keygen_edit.xm (Mario Airlines)
  • db_3dg.xm (3D Galax)
  • (Sleeping Sunflower)
  • knas.xm
and I only knew of the first one before starting my research for this funky japanese.mod file.

This EXE file is not a keygen, but a Trojan horse program written in AutoIt called "VeryFun". I didn't write it, but I downloaded it when it was available in 2016 for a malware-creating contest. I don't want to be responsible for distributing malware, sorry.
I tried various AutoIt decompilers but they didn't work, probably because the author (known as TDiff) protected his program with a passphrase. I tried contacting TDiff on YouTube, but I got no reply.

Edit: if it's any help, here's a higher quality recording of the song I'm trying to find:!PF8HSaJR!49fH9VjbDIl8xN1Car0cSUXJPErxTnThDb0GC_yLQzs

I have a piece of software (VeryFun.exe) that plays a random module file every time you run it. Unfortunately it's just an EXE file and I haven't been able to extract the music files from it. I've been able to recognize most of them, which are popular module files like Mario Airlines, Sleeping Sunflower, and Unreeeal Superhero, except for one! I attached a recording of it (low quality to fit it under the 2 MB limit).

It plays forever, but seems to start over at around 3:40. I've gone through hundreds of popular files in The Mod Archive and various "keygen music" compilations on YouTube, but I couldn't find it. If anyone can recognize this music and tell me what its name is, I'll be eternally grateful.

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