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I'm a database administrator with plenty of experience with PHP and mySQL. What I don't have too much of is free time, but let me know if you need help with this.

In general, before uploading a fixed version, please let us know beforehand on the forum because otherwise chances are high that duplicates will be rejected outright.

Alright, I'll try to let you know beforehand if I ever upload anything else. I was only a minute later on the forum telling you.

I had hopes since my upload succeeded that you would take a listen and then compare it to the similar but not duplicate you already had in the archive. Then you might also have discovered the comment I made about why the upload was better than the one you already had. It is almost impressive that it got rejected faster then you replied to my forum post and had the chance to review it.

Is it worth trying to upload it again?

And I found another, "sarcophaser.mod":

This should list Karsten Obarski as the Guessed Artist.

I uploaded a modified, shorter and much better version of the Chord-command by Ukulele. After the upload was successful, I see the following message:
"ukulele_-_chord-command_test_short.mod has been successfully added to the queue. However, it is likely that the file already exists in the archive as chord_command_test.mod (with slightly modified file contents). In the future, please check in advance if a module is in the database before submitting."

I did check first and made a comment on the original Chord-command explaining why the shorter version is better.

Wonderful, always happy to learn new old things ;)


I just noticed something else, at the very bottom of Frodelius' Favourites page where you ask if we want all the download links, there is a typo: "Want to wget these? All the download links!".

Most honorable moderators, I have 2 questions:

I think it is desirable to have a delete comment function, being a clumsy person I managed to comment and rate the wrong mod and I really want to delete that.
(It is here:

Can this be implemented?

I noticed something, under My Account tab, in the following pages:- My Profile, My Messages, My Comments, My Reviews - You by default add 's after the nick which is correct for all letters except if the nick name ends with an s.
Since my nick ends with an s I noticed this and thought to make you aware that in these cases you'd only append the ' and all is good.

Would you implement this improvement?

Thanks for your time!

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