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Thank you for the suggestions.

Of course, i have listened the «top» of the ModArchive, but i'm also seeking for some outsiders ;) But i promise i will listen the «top 100» of ModArchive.

The module given by Nikku4211 is interesting, because it's far from the top 100, and i would have missed it without his recommendation. It is a bit short, but has nice samples.


In the beginning, i was sure there were something to do with the demoscene.

But it can be extend to the whole module sceene, of course.

I've listened the compos of the metal compo 2006, and there are nice things. But they say they didn't want that kind of music achievement. I've understood that their foremost search is nice melodies which could be replayed with guitars.
If there are already nice riffs, it's a «plus»  of course.

It's a bit hard to describe. I would suggest, if you have time, to listen some of their remixes to understand better what they like to remix. You'll see that there were not necessarily guitars in the original.
May i suggest:

Cybernoid2 :

Legend of Faerghail:



You see, only videogames for the moment. That's why i was thinking of the demoscene and it's potential (seldom exploited in remixes, which is a shame :) ).

Grospixels is a musical band, specialized in videogames music remixes:

Recently i was talking with their guitarist.

I've suggested him exploring demo side of the soundtracker scene.

He has nothing against the idea, but asked me if i knew some modules with cool guitars riffs and nice melodies.
Except « Cerebal Beres » (Tip & Mantronix), i couldn't give any.
Of course, there are modules like « Guitar Slinger ». But to their own terms « the quality is very high with very nice samples , and there is little interest to remix this, for getting the same thing at the end ».

May be some Necros or Moby ? But i think their feeling will be the same.

Do you know some catchy modules which could be replayed in a rock fashion ?

You can see there what they can do, with more or less known musics:
Shadow of the Beast (David Whittaker):
Turrican 2 (Chris Huelsbeck):
Gauntlet 3 (Tim Follin):

But they have nice underdog remixes too:
Nicky Boom:

You can load high quality MP3 on their website for free.
I'm not a member of this group, it's not hidden advert for them ;) I'm just listening to them for almost 20 years  ;D

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