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Tracking / New to all of this
« on: August 25, 2007, 17:26:36 »
Hello everyone.I'm a new member to this site,I originally joined because I am a huge fan of modulars,I own a few myself,and will  be purchasing a few soon...also uploading some private waves.However it seems this site is different than my initial understanding...oh well so much for my brain :-).I have a few freshman questions in regards to "Traking",and all the .dll files you all have so generously made accessable.First of all what exactly is a "tracker'?,how do you use it?,What is a "bit torrent"?,how do you use it?Last, but not least(and maybe the most "telling"of all my questions is...)are the.dll files only for PC's?I own a G5 Dual Core and  have been trying to use the various plug-ins in .dll format.Is there anyone here willing to assist?I would greatly appreciate it! ???

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