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The Lobby / Re: Remember the first time?
« on: September 27, 2007, 03:49:51 »
Oh jeez.  It had to be 1992, now.  A friend of mine going to university brought over a couple floppies, which I don't recall.  Eventually, I got Amnesia, Unreal, then Crystal Dreams.  I was hooked.

I remember using DMP and DMPc under DesQview so I could listen to my music and dialup into the uni's digital.. and the 3 days spent trying to figure out the best options to pass to 'sz' to download the files after I got them to the uni.   :'(

The Lobby / Re: Do you own a blog?
« on: September 27, 2007, 03:45:53 »
I've had several.  I have one personal blog, which I now neglect updating because I stopped making free software, don't feel the rest of the world needs to know when I go to the bathroom, or how narrow my political aspirations may be.   :-X

The Lobby / Re: Ever burnt your favourite mods on CDs?
« on: September 27, 2007, 03:44:19 »
Hoboy.  I think I probably have everyone beat with my MOD insanity.

I have a few cassettes in storage from the output of my old GUS Max.  I had probably 3 hours worth.  I used to listen to them on my walkman.

  • I've gone as far as contacting a friend of mine from University in 1995 to get his copy of a MOD that I couldn't find anywhere.  Yep, he still had it, last month.
  • When Andy (phoenix) stopped supporting /pub/demos at Walnut Creek, I downloaded the whole thing onto my expensive 40GB SCSI drives over ISDN at the cost of $0.10/minute.  I then sorted them over the next two months of unemployment.  Then, California had rolling blackouts and toasted my drives.
  • I started sorting them again (I grabbed the torrents of ModArchive), and of course, when sent in for service, my laptop's HD was reformatted, despite promises it wouldn't happen.  Oops.
  • I ported mikmod to MacOS X in 2005 so I could listen to my MODs again, and fixed the old AIFF output so I could import them into iTunes, and burn them to CD.
I have a few CD-Rs out there, I have no idea where, but right now my collection is on my HD and my iPod.

I'm starting to rebuild my collection.  I think this time I'll have to pony up for RAID-5.  I don't want to do it all over again MORE than three times.   ;D ;D ;D

ChibiTracker Community / Re: Chibitracker & Linux, Wine too
« on: September 27, 2007, 03:35:01 »
That's quite strange.  Are you using OSS, or ALSA?

At a terminal, type:

'ls -l /dev/dsp', and 'cat /dev/sndstat'
and post the results.

You should be able to access the device natively; Chibi uses SDL, which is slower than heck, but works (well, not on my machine, it's too slow. :( )

The Lobby / Introduce yourself - neptho
« on: September 11, 2007, 23:00:11 »
Greetings, everybody.

I'm 'neptho', which has not, and will never mean anything - despite being second guessed many, many times about it.  I was trying to find a handle better than my 'old' one, and it just came to being.

I've written very few (read: awful) songs over the years - mostly '93 to '94, as well as remixed quite a few existing modules for my own listening pleasure later.

The only one that anybody might recognize was a remix of Dr Awesome's "12th warrior" (my best friend had been playing this for 5 months, straight), where I resampled the lead as myself belching, and used very bad arpeggio effects to make it even more disturbing; however, I never distributed this, and my friend only sent it to a few local BBS, so I'm fairly certain I got away with this - until now.

I've also written code thanks to the scene, learned x86 assembly, not to mention burning out a monitor thanks to X-Mode (A different video mode used by Tran, which made it pretty easy to fake coppers).

I've generally been on the outskirts of the scene, having never been directly tied anywhere, and only one really awful production to my name; mostly written in x86 assembly and MODOBJ - only knowing a few friends who were "deeply" into it by proxy.

I hadn't thought about the scene for years until WhiteShadow.. when I was drawn back to attempt to contact people we both knew, and is how I (briefly) chatted with Mr. Watson of ModArchive, who's quite the nice guy.  :)

Can't tell by the zipfiles, but - Here's a ton of Crizz modules.  "Forsake the Scene" is pretty decent, but I don't recognize it.  Good luck!

[admin - link fixed, ftp != http]

This is a long shot, but it might be some older Awesome.  I can't say I recognize the voice sample as being in any of his, but you never know..

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