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i feel totally stupid

i really enjoy the sound though


Bug Report Archive / [fixed] Failed to open audio device!
« on: October 08, 2007, 15:00:42 »
Hi all!

I'm a gentoo linux user (x86_64) and downloaded the appropriate milkytracker package.
I've got libsdl installed - The driver is also found under "Configuration".

But when starting the application, it starts, but gives me that message:
Failed to open audio device! (buffer = 7744 bytes)..
Retrying with 2^n buffer size..
Failed - try setting "Force 2^n sizes" in the config menu and restarting.

RtMidiIn::openPort: no MIDI input sources found!

RtMidiIn::openPort: no MIDI input sources found!

Failed to initialise ALSA MIDI support.

So when I try to play a song, I've got no sound of course :P

What can I try to get the Milky Tracker running?

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