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I've been trying to get the latest version of MilkyTracker built on my Raspberry Pi 2 without "hardware acceleration" (because it's decidedly unaccelerated, everything I've built that just uses the built-in SDL2 software fallback runs dramatically better). I'd just use the version in Raspbian's repo, but it's got the MOD sample save bug.
Unfortunately, I've got no idea where to even begin, usually just adding SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE to SDL_CreateRenderer fixes whatever issues I've had with programs. Here, Milky still seems to be trying to do hardware accelerated drawing

Any help?

Tracking / Re: What's your tracker / format of choice? And why?
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:08:47 »
MilkyTracker is my preferred one nowadays.
I've memorized nearly all the keybindings so I can do things pretty much reflexively in it now -- it no longer gets in the way of me making a song.

Ideally, it'd have more sample processing effects in the sample editor [like a resofilter, distortion, and reverb] so I don't have to drag things into Audacity/bake a DSP chain into a sample in Renoise, but that's just wishful thinking. Actually, ideally Milky would support all the extra features in IT, haha. That's not happening ever, but a man can dream.

I used to use Renoise as my tracker of choice, but I would spend hours fiddling with DSPs and mixing. And I'd often only have one pattern. So, it got in the way of tracking.

Schism and OpenMPT don't really feel right, and either way I can't be bothered to learn a new set of keybindings now, haha. Even if using a tracker that supports the IT format brings separation of instruments and samples [super-useful], more channels, NNAs [super-duper-useful], and a built-in resofilter effect [infinitely useful].
I'm too lazy to make the effort to switch now.  :P

Not bad at all, especially considering this is your second tracked song.
Very well composed, if not a little repetitive.

But man, this is depressing!

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Where you get your samples from?
« on: June 28, 2009, 06:14:31 »
Usually, if I'm tracking in Milky, I'll use 4 samples from The Day They Landed, 2 leads, a bass drum, and a hihat [the samples are so nice, I'm sorry!]; or I'll draw my own in the editor.

If I'm in Renoise, I have massive amounts of samples gained from samplepacks [notably from For The System's one month sample compos, which seem to be a total mess in organizing, but lots of good samples come out from the provided samplepacks], loaded binary files, hand drawn, made from VSTs, etc. Most of my samples there are breakbeats though.

I was building in Apple's Project Builder. I just upgraded to 10.3 [which runs suprisingly well on a machine with 192 MB RAM in it], so this isn't an issue anymore [I can use the precompiled build now].

And I did have the extra .tgz file, maybe the .pbproj file in there was pointing to things in the wrong places...

I'm trying to compile MilkyTracker on OSX 10.2, and when I try to build, I'm missing 8 or so source files, and from the names, they don't seem to be platform specific...
They're pointing to the folder indicated by the other files in the group, it's just the files aren't there...

Btw, I'm missing:
Code: [Select]

Missing file or directory: ../../../src/ppui/RespondMessageBox.cpp
Missing file or directory: ../../../src/ppui/RespondMessageBoxFileSelector.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/PanningSettingsContainer.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxAudioDriverSelector.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxChannelSelector.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxEQ.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxGroupSelection.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxListBox.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxQuickChooseInstrument.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxResample.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/RespondMessageBoxWithValues.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/tracker/SampleLoadChannelSelectionHandler.cpp
Missing file or directory: /Users/null1024/Desktop/milky_/src/milkyplay/ChannelMixingDevice.cpp

I'm also getting something about "-Wno-switch-enum" not being a supported option...

Tracking / Tracker for Mac OS 9?
« on: October 01, 2008, 23:11:08 »
Well, I'm stuck on an old iBook with OS9.
[which means I don't have MilkyTracker...]
Do you guys know of any Mac OS 9 [8, 7, 6] trackers?

BTW, do not mention PlayerPRO. I hate it.

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: First try
« on: August 15, 2008, 18:37:51 »
Wow, that was really impressive for a first tracked song.
Sounded like some classic GameGear music to me. Really hope to hear more stuff from you.

Hmm... so for about 2 months I've been stuck on a Mac (OSX10.1) with PlayerPRO...
...and I hated it...

But then... I found a Windows (Vista) box, and now, I've created a song. That doesn't totally suck.

So, um, yeah. Hope you enjoy.

Tracking / Re: How to destroy Tracker's Block (and other things)
« on: August 15, 2008, 18:22:38 »
Usually, when I have trackers block, I'll just start laying notes down that kinda sound good, and I'll keep going (usually making 1-4 crappy songs in the process), until I find something good.

Also, I listen to some chiptunes. LOTS OF THEM.

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