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I will be meeting Allister in person in a few days. I'll ask him to come visit this thread if i remember. :)

Cheers that would be really sound

I have found this track 'dangerousstreets-orientalsound.mod ' on the site that I would like to use but it has no artist, does anyone know how I can get permission for this?

Also, I would like to know how to get permission from the Artists for the following:-

dojo_dan_oriental.mod by Allister Brimble
orientallevel3.mod by 4-mat


Hi All,

I am looking for some MOD format music for use in my Mahjongg Wii homebrew

I mainly need chilled out Chinese/Japanese style music for:

* A few tracks for the game
* A track for in the menu/title
* A winning tune
* A track for in the high score

Dr mabuse has kindly said he would contribute, but I appreciate that this can take some time so am opening it out to more people.

Also, if anyone can recommend any existing MODs that fit the bill + I would be able to use that would be really good. :D

Heres a link to the games homepage


Wanted: Music for Projects / Re: calling Dr Awesome
« on: July 22, 2008, 15:40:23 »
Cheers Axxy will get in touch with him through that.

dr_mabuse - looking at the source code of the sndlib library that I am using it looks like the mod player can support up to 32 channels so should make for more interesting possibilities  :)

Wanted: Music for Projects / Re: calling Dr Awesome
« on: July 21, 2008, 20:40:26 »
Yeah the would be cool dr_mabuse :D

Ideally I would like music for the menu/title, in game (like you say a few here would be good) + some japanese style winning and losing jingles + another tune for inputting your name on a high score

Wanted: Music for Projects / calling Dr Awesome
« on: July 21, 2008, 18:59:43 »
Hi all I'm new around here

In particular I would like to ask Dr Awesome if I could use one of his MODs as the music for a free homebrew game that I am making for the Wii? I'm doing a Mahjongg solitaire game and his sushi.mod would be really good as the background music.

Alternatively if anyone else has any Japanese/Chinese style music (MOD format please) that i would be able to use I would be very grateful. I would obviously credit the author as part of any readme/about,web page,etc.


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