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Tracking / aC__ 16 samples compo
« on: July 19, 2006, 00:25:24 »
started: 18 july 2006 ----- deadline: 29 july 2006

rules are simple:
* entry-format: uncompressed mod/xm/s3m/it only
* use samples from the sample pack "" ONLY
* you DON'T need to use all of the samples
* you are NOT allowed to add filter/fx using external programs
* samples may be cut due to size-optimization
* samples may be double/triple etc.. used
* samples may be reverse/pingpong played
* use only ONE sample per instument
* max. channels = 32
* size limit = 1024 kb (uncompressed)

* reference player: xmplay 3.2
your tracks will be judged by our compo-staff..
this compo is just for fun! your submissions will then
be released on a forthcoming abulia_release..
the "winner" is encouraged to place his banner on our website...

if you are interested surf to:

happy tracking..


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