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MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: First song, critique welcome!
« on: June 18, 2009, 21:20:31 »
Haha, and I can understand the thing about the arpeggio. I wanted to have a melody with arpeggio just because I remember an awesome song from a very old Amiga demo, and it had lots of arpeggio. ;D
I belive the lesson is "do not add effects to add effects, add them to improve the sound."

Thanks to you both for strengthening my spirit! I'm off to track some more, I think I'm becoming addicted...

Oh, and raina, you most certianly already know it - but your mods rule.

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / First song, critique welcome!
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:28:09 »
I installed Milkytracker this monday and went through all the tutorials I could find. I'm trying to learn to make music for my games, so I had a background track for a level in mind while making this.
Even though it's not much, as it's a first attempt, I'm quite satisfied.
It's also helluva lot of fun making!

Have I "tracked" a "mod" now?  ;D

The Lobby / Hmm. what to name the topic... I got it! "Hello!"
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:06:46 »

I'm spektre, 23 years old, from Sweden.
What brought me here was the search for some way to make those cool chiptunes, to use in games and/or just to test my talent as a composer.  ;D

I'm currently spending a lot of time and energy towards my hobby; trying to put together a platformer that awakens the nostalgia from my old Amiga! This means that I'm coding, pixelshifting and tracking at the same time, which is where the time and energy ends up.  :D

I've got no musical background at all except for launching a tracker on the Amiga, thinking "wtf  ???", then switching to a game instead. It must've been more than 10 years ago at the very least. It's time for a rematch!

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