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Tracking / the time signature tracking compo
« on: November 11, 2006, 15:21:41 »


Yay! Time for another compo!
This time only for trackers (yes Renoise and Madtrackers too) :P

The thing about this compo is that no 4/4 or square-ish time signatures are allowed. The deal is to make something very creative from a rhythmical point of view. But not only. The points of judgement will be Creativity, Originality, and another secret point which you will find out after the deadline As secret as the second judge who will cast his wisdom upon your tracks. I'll be the other judge.

Deadline: 1st of December, 2006

Info, rules, and such - here:
Good Luck!
Questions? fire away



note: topic title edited as its breaking conformity in news topics. forgot it broke on the beta site :) -m0d

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