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TMA has my gratitude for hosting them this long and also for this excellent customer support!

Looking forwards to browsing the excellent collection of tunes here..

Have a nice day..

Thank you for your assistance in this regards.. much appreciated..will be a lot of work to reclaim all mods from TMA that are here as i have many that were uploaded without my consent..

edit: i see most of my mods 20+ have been uploaded here as guessed artist 'the mixer'.
this is alot of work to add and not dupe reclaim by accident..having to note down what i reclaimed.. i did a couple however would it be possible to have them all added to my profile if this is possible with options TMA might have in your possesion as admins.. would save me much time.. as mods i reclaim still show up under 'the mixer' so this makes it difficult to sort out..

Have a nice day...

Source For Extravagus.mod.pp (Extravagus.lha)

II prepared to upload modules i composed way back in the 90's+ but are duped as they are already uploaded with extension .pp (powerpacker compression).
Extravagus.mod.pp is a example. i would like to be properly credited or have this one removed (or all by James Lanteigne aka The MiXER) to properly upload them, as i wanted to have a artist page account to upload 18+ modules i have composed on the Amiga 500 way back in the early days. i hope TMA can respect my wishes as an artist...

regards, James Lanteigne / The MiXER

edit: I appear to have found where my mod compositions have been stored as after doing a search for 'the mixer' and also 2 compositions for "James Lanteigne" ....

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