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I know that this is kind of a bump, but they are not .xm's. In early stages of development, the music was in .xm format, however, it was later converted to MIDI format because of space-related problems.

The Lobby / Re: What exactly is "sufficient quality?"
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:13:30 »
I can say that I marked the twinbee as 2nd opinion because it sounded no different compared to the original tune.

It's impressive to make an very accurate cover of an existing song in another format just by hearing the notes of a tune, but I think that they shouldn't be posted here. But I may be wrong? I've seen remixes of another vg-tunes, but if the module had had noticeable difference from the original, then it maybe would have been added if it also had sounded good
Wait, then why was my module "jts-stage3" (yes I do understand why this one was rejected) or "kinnikinnick0718_-_journey_to_silius" accepted? It's a recreation of Stage 3 from the NES/Famicom game Journey to Silius/Raf World.
Yeah, they are very impressive. But then there's modules like this which are straight up SPC to IT conversions:
I assume whoever screened this didn't know what Earthbound was, what dumping means, what SPC means, and thought someone actually had the guts to compose a song at a BPM OF 250 AT 1 TICK PER ROW.

I gotta calm down.

See for yourself.
Drums were recorded from the .nsf and the bass was exported into wav from the .dmc.
May be inaccurate.

The Lobby / What exactly is "sufficient quality?"
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:23:21 »
One of my modules got rejected (and I'm not mad, really, since it wasn't really anything special, just a remix of the AVGN theme with ST-01 samples) for not being of sufficient quality.
I'm not really mad, just confused: what exactly is sufficient quality?
I would've understood if my module was rejected for being too short, it's only 38 seconds long, and it also isn't the greates module out there, but not being of sufficient quality? Can somebody explain to me how these are of sufficient quality: (pure evil incarnated) (satan's baby playing on a casio) (the name has nothing to do with the module dammit) (because I've always wanted to hear a tracker experience an aneurysm)

Can anyone explain this to me?

a) What is NFM2?
b) Are there any resources for the Stage Maker?
c) Did the music come bundled with it?
d) Did it come with a "stage"?
e) Are there any resources for "stages"?

Answering these could help.
a)"NFM2" is a racing game:
b)Resorces for the stage maker are pretty much only stages, some modules and so.
c)Not really, it had a few songs bundled (in .mod format, but .s3m and .xm also seems to compatible with the stage maker) for use in the stage maker but in  the Stage Maker help it says I can use OpenMPT to compose a track but I wasn't good at trackers so i searched "mod files" then i stumbled upon this site and downloaded a few songs just to hear them
d) it came with a test stage including all stage pieces but people can make a new one
e)pretty much modules.

Sorry for bumping (?) but  I can't even remember the ones who made the modules, or the title either. It was 4 years since that...

The Lobby / Re: Sampling problem?
« on: May 21, 2016, 14:35:07 »
It probably uses an unsupported codec (possibly IMA ADPCM, where stereo sample import is broken up to OpenMPT 1.25), is malformed in some way or is not actually a Wave file. Without looking at the file itself, it's impossible to tell.

This is the file itself:!lxEgkJ4A!3qkin2HSwPrKvDMKqeS8evZbAMmakA2_rfpvnAQLiqQ , sorry for late response

The Lobby / Sampling problem?
« on: May 19, 2016, 22:53:45 »
I wanted to make a song, but when i tried to import a .wav file it sounded like this!g49SkCiZ!7xKxJ9Qfv5hJFx1129kSobrPqvCyfsN7ubMJnAuPb58
The first bass sample from 0:00-0:02 is the actual file itself (how it was intended to sound like), and at 0:03 is what the sample sounded like when I imported it to OpenMPT.

What's with the weird noise at the end?
btw, the file is 16-bit stereo

The Lobby / Re: My module got rejected for no reason
« on: May 04, 2016, 15:09:32 »
If you don't know how to edit the sample texts to include a message, then maybe you should practice a bit more with the tracker before submitting anything. The worst mistake a beginner can make is to upload their first module and then regretting a year later that they cannot remove it anymore.
Wait, not even administrators can remove a module?

I found this site a long time ago because of NFM2's Stage Maker, and I heard some nice tunes i can't find anywhere right now.

The first one was a .it module that had a very jungle-ish electronic melody to it.
The second one was a .mod i think, but it had a kazoo-like instrument.

I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know those two?

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