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The Lobby / Re: Thank you for this site!
« on: August 04, 2022, 22:16:04 »
Thanks! It certainly should be possible to achieve that ratio, it just depends on how many people want to download the torrents, so it can take a while. ;)

Help Support Topics Archive / Re: Guessed artist...
« on: August 02, 2022, 19:37:46 »
They should all be assigned to your account now. If there's any more modules that should be assigned, you can claim them without asking in your artist area.

Sampling / Re: Original source of a sample
« on: August 02, 2022, 19:36:04 »
Can't say for sure either, but it sounds like a standard sync lead passed through a heavy flanger effect. May or may not be a preset but should be possible to recreate something similar-sounding without too much effort.

Sampling / Re: That pianostring sample...
« on: July 15, 2022, 18:06:00 »
I don't think there is a single one, but most of them are based on the most-used ROMplers of that time. For example the piano+string sample in Tim Wright's Agony Intro comes from the Roland U-220 (or U-20 of course). Other famous piano samples of that time come from the Korg M1, Roland JD-800 and some others.

Nah, as said I can confirm that it plays correctly in DBPro so I can do all the necessary recordings myself - but thanks for the offer!

Sorry for the long turnaround times - currently I don't have much time to look at the screening queue, so stuff in the 2nd opinion queue might be stuck for longer than usual. I had a look and the drum loop is probably not the issue for copyright reasons, but it might indeed be the reason why a second opinion was requested for another reason: The timing appears to be a bit off when played through OpenMPT or xmp-openmpt (which is usually used for screening). Normally OpenMPT's timing for DigiBooster modules should be fairly accurate so I'm not sure what exactly is going on there, but I will have to investigate. Obviously this won't stop the module from being added to the archive.

I have cancelled the uploads.

You could for example use OpenMPT's stream export, which has a per-channel export option. Some other trackers have this feature as well.

Website News Archive / Planned maintenance
« on: July 06, 2022, 09:23:59 »
Our friends over at SceneSat, who are hosting The Mod Archive, have scheduled some maintenance for the next two days to upgrade and reconfigure their servers. Our website and forums might not always be reachable during this time.

To help funding the server SceneSat and The Mod Archive run on, now is a good time to done some money to SceneSat!

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