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I would be interested, but I don't have a PayPal or a credit card.

Look what I made! / Recreation of Digimon Rury[sic] Music
« on: July 07, 2017, 18:31:13 »
I recreated the music of "Digimon Rury"(sic), a pirated game for the Game Boy Advance.

P.S.: I'm not a Digimon fan.

Look what I made! / Remix of Paul the Penguin
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:46:44 »

My remix of Radix's "Paul the Penguin".

By pattern loop start, I meant setting up which pattern to start from after the last pattern in the song ends, which you could do in ProTracker without having to use the Bxx command. By OpenMPT keyboard layout, I meant for inputting notes, where each row on the keyboard is for each octave.

I hope that make sense.

Then I guess it's just how used to OpenMPT I am.

I've been looking all my life for a good HTML5 module tracker. I hope you eventually add all Protracker bugs in there and have multi-version support.

However, I've noticed some problems that I hope you can fix and hopefully some new features.
- The font needs improvement. Quotation marks and apostrophes as well as the @ symbol need to be implemented.
- The pattern loop start feature needs to be added, too. Even the original Protracker has it.
- When I load in an 8 channel mod, the message that comes up says they are not supported...yet. I hope that means you will support them in the future.
- Add the option of playing audio with no interpolation. I don't even think the Amiga uses interpolation. Whether it does or not, the Bassoon Tracker plays modules too muffled.
- If you plan to support 8 channel mods, you should support mods that go over the note limit. When I play a mod that goes over that note limit like LHS' "x4.mod", the notes are played almost correctly, except they're kind of distorted.
- Please write the documentation sometime. I know it's obvious, but it has the opportunity to really help someone new to this tracker and trackers in general.
- It would help if you at least put a search feature for when looking in the tracker's ModArchive. That, and/or not all of the artists in the actual ModArchive are listed in this tracker. I couldn't even find any of my songs, and trust me, at least some of my Amiga tracker modules are in the actual ModArchive.
- Improve the sample editor. Add copying and pasting for the sample editor, as well as upsampling and downsampling. I know this might make it too much like OpenMPT, but it's good for making bass samples and is needed in case you didn't know that you needed a note of a higher octave than 3 or of a lower octave than 1.
- Add support for the OpenMPT keyboard layout. Maybe I'm the problem, being too used to OpenMPT, but please make it happen. Especially since the only way to switch octaves that I know of for now is to use the piano, which is actually a nice feature, no kidding.
- Add the ability to copy and paste notes, effects, samples, and a combination of any of those 3.

If I'm going to use this tracker, I want it to be the most convenient it can and I want it to be easy to use. I hope you can add these.


OpenMPT needs to support all of these in case some modules exploit each of these sample offset bugs.

OpenMPT needs to support all of these.

Look what I made! / Re: Any fans of Outrun about?
« on: June 16, 2017, 03:28:11 »

Look what I made! / Re: Any fans of Outrun about?
« on: June 14, 2017, 16:13:19 »
By the way, when making a module, channel mixing is just that. Mixing the notes for several different channels into 1 channel. The result doesn't always sound exactly the same, but sometimes, it does sound close enough. Usually, when mixing channels, if notes overlap, 1 channel must be proritised over the other. The best channel to prioritise is the channel that is the most important of the 2 at each time they overlap. Practising this would be a good thing to do. Trust me, I have practised this too. I was able to modify Ghidorah's Toilet Story 4 to use 8 channels instead of 16 and I've tried my best to make it sound like the original.

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