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Do any of you guys have the the one you compiled after jun 6th? because I don't know how to compile the C port of impulse tracker.

but, when I installed fasttracker 2 and impulse tracker, first fasttracker 2 lags and freezes constantly when playing a module, when I go to dos mode, when I tried to run ft2, it gave me a fatal error like this "FATAL ERROR: This program a mouse at 0000:0000". and impulse tracker doesn't detect sound blaster 16, how do I fix it?

The Lobby / About competing in cafe 2019
« on: September 26, 2019, 22:00:39 »
tbh, I didn't want to compete in cafe 2019, I don't want to compete in demo partys every month, and I released that module to battle of the bits, I asked the organizers of cafe 2019 and they didn't reply. but, I'll still compete in another competition next year, will I?

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