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>  the big competitor to FT2 back in the day... didn't that have a similar feature?

Possible, but in those days I wasn't aware of it haha :)
In fact, thanks to my plugin-fatique I'm starting to understand how to properly track/mix more excuses :)

> I fell in love back in like 2012 or so with Protrekkr.

Really loved the soundengine & features.
Iirc there's a guy on this forum who generated gigabytes of instruments for it.
I settled with milkytracker for various other reasons, but definately Protrekkr has some unique things going for it.

> ... it just depends what tracker I load up...

Right, some trackers I use for pure sounddesign, some I use for composing (for example, sunvox allows awesome sounddesign, but milkytracker really gets me into composing-mode).
Luckily the .xi .wav .xm fileformats are somewhat of a gold standard across sample-trackers.

> Roland JD-08 with the FT2 clone

Right, the deadsimple "synth and sampler"-combi can be shockingly productive compared to an  average Bitwig/Ableton plugin-jungle.

ps. if you use milkytracker, then 'modular music' might be interesting for you:
Milkytracker allows opening multiple modules at the same time without hogging the cpu, therefore it's one of the few 'album'-making environments (instead of a single track-environment like most daw's).

good to hear!

> I just spent like an hour setting the colors....

I know this rabbithole haha  ;D

> I just installed it for the first time in ages

There seems to be more interest in trackers these days.
I can't really explain it, perhaps it's because the loudness-wars are over (better soundsystems/headphones/audiolevel metering) in combination with audioplugin-fatigue..
At least, that's what's got me back into milkytracker.

ps. dont forget that the current build has a new feature, just press ctrl+shift+v in the sampleeditor (this opens up an awesome way to generate unique instruments using the pattern editor).

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Leon Du Star - full circle
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:51:40 »
A tale of HOUSE, tracking, city-life & smog & 8bit plucky guitars all packed into one module:

youtube (played in ocp):


MilkyTracker Support / CTRL-H will soon trigger documentation
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:50:24 »
fyi: in the upcoming release milkytracker will be able to display a help-dialog by pressing ctrl-h.

Nevertheless, online documentation, this thread (and openMPT docs) are still very helpful.

Make no misstake, milkytracker is still being maintained, like receiving bugfixes (thx SagaMusix) and features are being cooked as we speak.

dev brainstorm:


info here:

I think you can already do this no?
I mean XM is a standard with many parsers/readers on github, so you could technically start a python or lua script which than translates it to the format's you're talking about.

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