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The Lobby / A new youtube channel full of fasttracker 2 musics
« on: January 29, 2022, 18:22:13 »
Hi dear mod lovers.    :D

Ho yes, i'm very new on this forum, and my 1st post comes with a promotion intention. (And i speak a bad english).
Well i'm searching the community, i have tried on Reddit but it's not very busy.

I began a few months ago a new youtube channel in which i publish some fast tracker 2 tracks of my old personnal collection.
I try to add new tracks every week.
I try to vary the genres. There are tracks of jazz, techno, trance, some tracks taken from demos, some very amateur ones, etc.
It asks me a lot of work but it's worth it.  ;D
I do it in order to build a growing collection of quality tracks and preserve the memory of this very underground and forgotten type of music.

It's only fast tracker 2 oriented, because it's the tracker i used under MS-DOS.
99% of my mod files are MOD or XM files.
Maybe one day i'll try to add some ScreamTracker or other tracks.

I also have the project to make DJ sets with tracker music, maybe in some places in Paris (Fr), i'm working on it.

I invite you to visit my channel using this link
Subscribe to the channel to be informed of news.

Thank you for supporting  :)

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