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I think it would be interesting if everyone who loves to point out what's wrong with OpenMPT would take a slightly more intelligent approacd, join the forums and make suggestions on how to improve the software as well as the compatibility situation. At ModPlug Central there are forums for both bug reports and feature suggestions.

I have to ask, do you also act this way in real life? You see something wrong, that you obviously care a lot about (it's easy to tell from the agitated posts) and you don't act on it but just bitch about it with your friends? This isn't anything personal, it just annoys me when people talk things down when it would take the equal amount of time to make things better.

As for the difference between OpenMPT and MPT 1.16, it's only changes that the active community has requested, bug fixes and improved usability. New feature requests are always welcome, and if you know your way around VC++ everyone is thankful for any help you can offer to make OpenMPT better for everyone.

The Lobby / Re: Remember the first time?
« on: July 24, 2007, 21:43:41 »
The first mod I heard (in a tracker aware it was a mod) was probably Uncle Tom's occ-san-geen too. I had ordered a some disks from some "PD library", and there were mods on some of them.

The Lobby / Re: What is the proportion men and women here?
« on: July 24, 2007, 21:30:29 »
I think in the name of equality, each member should be given a random gender and then stick to it.

Or more seriously, I think one rather large reason why the females of the species proper shun male dominated interweb communities like this is the extra attention they'd get if they did.

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