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 on: March 29, 2024, 10:34:10 
Started by Merlin - Last post by Merlin
As instructed I went here to claim ownership of 3 modules that are already in the archive. My artist/member page and id is here:

And the three modules are:

Thanks in advance for your help and also and not least for doing the Lord's work of keeping this archive alive and well.

 on: March 28, 2024, 21:27:32 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by RedDragon
As a collector of many things, I agree with you! ;D

The sites I have checked are TMA, Modland, AMP and Kestra (also something on Demozoo), many modules that are not in TMA and Modland were in AMP and Kestra (for example: Delirion's Phantasm Forest, Loquacity, True Identity).

I too thought that this ACKER1.MOD was ackerlight-1, but no, it's a totally different song: the two ackerlight-1 on AMP are 01:48 and 00:08, ACKER1 is 03:04 long.

About the lookout mod, I discovered that is a slightly shorter version of desert dream-titel (, but without most of the description, it only states "by laxity/kefrens 9" and " "desert dream" intrd".  Maybe is either the original, unripped version or a not definitive one?

My version of Freedom has 16 patterns, and one part of it was used in a module called False pride ( with exactly the same tempo as this version. Also has no credits or description, the sample list is totally blank.

I'll upload them here as soon as I can, so they can be available for everyone ;) (if they are accepted, of course :))

Oh, I forgot about one more mysterious module: s2000 (S2000.MOD), this was featured in a Doom II megawad named MARSWAR, no info on author (just a list of samples). Seems to have been made with MODEDIT v2.00 according to WinMod PRO ???

 on: March 28, 2024, 20:38:10 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by RedDragon
Yep, they are indeed great tunes, didn't know there was a third one though...
Dr. Awesome sure made a lot of tunes, among these I recall 12th warrior, empty spaces 1 & 2, christmas spirit... There are a lot more that I still haven't listened and maybe other similarities may pop out

 on: March 28, 2024, 15:46:24 
Started by trilex - Last post by Axxy
I've not heard of the game myself, but, take a look over at Mirsoft (

Under Game Mod rips, just type "greed" and Pursuit of Greed is the only return. It has a number of mod/s3m' all by Necros... Not sure if that's what your looking for?

Tbh, I'm really surprised the site still exists, it's been there for years....

 on: March 28, 2024, 13:23:05 
Started by trilex - Last post by trilex
Damn, that definitely sounds very familiar. I have to say that after almost 30 years, I don't trust my memory 100% either ;-) . There are several s3m files in different versions and even if the Play.exe is missing, it could fit. I once suspected a game called Creed, but it didn't fit at all. It could have been Pursuit of Greed. I bought it at the time and only had problems with the game; fortunately the s3m files were still available. Many thanks for thinking along!
Best regards

PS: If anyone remembers the Play.exe or other suitable games, please let me know here.

 on: March 28, 2024, 12:15:14 
Started by clear2ooo - Last post by clear2ooo

yes i like to review other people's songs.

the reason why i don't do it on review board. on song pages on this site. because i would have to do it for a few hundred songs. i might get accused of spamming and get banned. i wrote much of this comment. and almost left out why i am really writing this. reputation points. i don't care about them for offering music. or for reviewing anything. it will not buy me an ice cream. it is not transferrable to another site. btw i'm glad this is not the forum handlers which rhyme with "horse."

my reviews are not to be taken seriously. when i say "this artist sucks" or "he needs to fix this." or i say "i don't like (this music style)." these are just my opinions. even to be funny. some people cannot respond, one for himself now. because someone could lose interest. otherwise internet could be costly privilege. this is like grain of sand in a large beach. but i don't like anti-spiritual suggestion. i don't like vulgar slang in song name. i don't like pornographic suggestions or black humor or anything like that. one day i found a module where "wxyz" was written. start and end the same, but it was supposed to be five letters. but i will not ever write it plainly. it is a moderator's job to do that. while he is telling the rules of what cannot be done.

another reason why i don't review. where some people think i'm supposed to be writing in. because at least three artists, i have taken them completely as trollers. i have not said anything about them yet. and will not. they do not deserve to be taken to dinner. if i even mention one name. it's like giving him a cookie bought at subway.

this is beside some of my reservations about artists. from my "recent" topic. cs127 doesn't really need this site, but github. jeslan unable to come up with good enough song. have to call "gpj" that way because otherwise really nasty insect. (wrote most stuff before discovered they might be brother and sister.) and so on.

again, my reviews. and my statements here. are not to be taken seriously. this is a forum.

i am clear2ooo. i am string space. i have a female cohort. her name is "memend."

 on: March 28, 2024, 03:02:44 
Started by clear2ooo - Last post by clear2ooo

hackurr. sounds like "hurr-durr". not a good name you picked.

actually start your netlabel. don't just say you have it.

actually i like your music. i like drum-and-bass from mid-1990s, before "renegade hardware" and that junk. before "full cycle" became more mindless. i have "newforms" record, by ronisize/reprazent. maybe it's one of your favorites. most of your tracks remind me of it. the "jazzlike" especially.

i got bored. so i play back in openmpt. convert to mptm format and put a couple of vst plug-ins on it. to get stereo sound. couldn't do that with "jazzlike", forgot to install the plug-ins.

i wrote most of this stuff before i heard "mello". that's even better. with even less tweaking.

i go more for mid-1990s "english" electronic sound, occasional "german", maybe a couple of other european countries thrown in like biosphere from norway. i follow autechre up to and including "quaristice" 2009. i follow ยต-ziq or whatever he calls himself these days. but better "meast" by kid spatula release and earlier. many others, but i hate writing long sentences.

from what was downloaded from this site in recent, i also like "robric". from italy he says. does good 1980s like synth-pop stuff. but i have to enable pan envelope in some instruments because songs sound better in stereo.

i looked up "great red netlabel" in search, disappointed to get only two entries to "tma" were the best ones.

forgive me for changing subject.

 on: March 27, 2024, 23:33:43 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by Axxy

Some really old modules maybe lost in the mists of time, but some maybe not!

Isn't that part of the fun of collecting?

Ok, just some thoughts.....

Some old modules off the Mods Anthology CD collection have cryptic names and sometimes the real title become known many years later. (maybe acker1 ackerlight-1 ??)

n.s speed - no second prize tune?

The laxity one? The laxity mods I have are all xm's, the Kefrens Laxity is known as Merge, and wasn't there another laxity who was ripping stuff off or something?

Freedom by Samplemixer - don't recognise this version, the version I have is 2k bigger and has more patterns. AMP have it with 29 patterns (with credits) but the same filesize as my version.

As Asle (Prowiz mod ripper) at AMP has said many times, they are lots of bad rips out there but I tend to go along with what AMP says, as the purist collectors prefer proper rips instead of loads of different versions of the same mod.

I'm not sure about what sites you have visited, but AMP, Demozoo & Kestra along with Modarchive and Modland are probably good ports of call.

There also used to be someone on EAB who had a website listing old amiga modules, Stoneoakvalley I think, not sure if that was his website or his name?

But upload them somewhere as we can check if they have been identified or it will be just another mod in the Unknown-Artist folder!!

 on: March 27, 2024, 22:54:52 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by Axxy

Dr Awesome's - Now What (3 altogether) series of modules are great listening. Think they were included as tunes for Eurochart?.. Probably easier to write as a medley than submit 3 or 4 modules, but he was quite prolific back then...

 on: March 27, 2024, 20:16:58 
Started by RedDragon - Last post by RedDragon
Hi to all!

While searching on the internet about some modules I downloaded many years ago, I found out that some of them are actually lost, since they doesn't seem to be hosted on any modules database site and search engines yield no results. Extending the search on the modules I got from old CDs, other seemingly lost ones popped out.

I would like to upload them here on TMA, so to preserve them and make them available to everyone  :).

Here is what I found so far:

sam vs bottle (uncredited) (SAMBOT.MOD)
cgirl.mod (uncredited)

These above are among the very first modules I downloaded from the internet, back in the 2000s, when I searched about MODs on Google, and Modplug Central popped out. At the time it hosted several modules (and its where I discovered the existance of XM and IT modules, along with a new player, different and newer from the WinMod PRO dug out from an old shareware CD (which handled just MOD and S3M)).

Acker1 (uncredited) (ACKER1.MOD)  found on an old floppy, cannot find any info about this
n.s speed (uncredited) (NSSPEED.MOD)  found on the same old floppy, seems a MOD conversion of n.s. speed.stm hosted on Modland
lookout (by Laxity) (LOOKOUT.MOD)  found on a 1994 cd, this seems to be missing from every module database
jazzy work (uncredited) (JAZZY.MOD)  found on the same cd, no info on this
freedom (by Samplemixer?) (FREEDOM.MOD) same as above, this module is already hosted on Modland, but this version has a faster tempo

I'll let you know if I find something else.

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