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HOWTO: Reporting


Post your reports of where you have spotted a module that has been plagiarised by someone here.

This excludes remixes where credit has been given to the original author in the instrument texts.

Please include:

- Link to plagiarised file
- Link to the original
- Name of the ripper
- Some details if the rip isn't that obvious.

Reports missing this info will probably not be acted upon with much vigour ;-)

Reports which are confirmed will be moved to the Hall of Shame, and the modules quashed from the archive :)


[unconfirmed] = Needs help from the community. At least two members must vouch for the validity of the rip report.

[stalled progress] = Original poster has not provided enough information to proceed further.

[completed] = The report has been confirmed and an entry in the Hall of Shame has been made. These reporting topics then get locked.


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