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Author Topic: K-styles  (Read 6508 times)

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« on: August 27, 2008, 15:18:20 »

From's original Ripper list:

Ripped song name : k-styl-tri.mod
Original song : trabalas.mod by nuke of anarchy
Comments : Complete rip. If you find ANY of K-Styles songs on your harddrive, Please, delete them! Most, or all, of his tunes are ripped, even if we haven't identified them all yet. They all carry the same type of filename.

Ripped song name : k-styl-music.s3m
Original song : toybox.mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
Comments : Complete rip, lowered the entire tune 1 or 2 notes and converted it to .s3m.

Ripped song name : k-styl-shado3.s3m
Original song : naoadven.mod by nao
Comments : Complete rip. Changed the format.

Ripped song name : k-styl-ninja.s3m
Original song : carvupmu.mod by 4mat
Comments : Converted it to chip, other than that, it's a complete rip.

Ripped song name : k-styl-mid.xm
Original song : unknown.mod by XTD
Comments : Converted it to .xm and added some stereo, other than that; a complete rip.

Ripped song name : k-styl-nes.s3m
Original song : comicbakery.mod by maniac
Comments : Some small changes, sounds bad compared to the original.

Ripped song name : k-styl-tect.xm
Original song : tech23.mod and others
Comments : Did his best to cover the rip by adding channels and moving stuff around. Also lowered the speed. I don't know what tune the second part is a rip of.

Ripped song name : k-styl-techcity
Original song : wonderwe.mod by nao
Comments : Complete rip. Changed the tune 1 or 2 notes down and added the .xm sound command instead of the .mod (CXX). Another bad attempt in other words

Ripped song name :
Original song : Alone, by Mick Rippons
Comments : Total, 100% rip here too, this guy is too clueless to be true.

Ripped song name : Cry for victory (
Original song : Ages of legends, by Lizardking
Comments : Total rip

Ripped song name : Christmas Underground (k-styl-underxmas.s3m)
Original song : December, by Necros
Comments : 15 first patterns are original, the rest is a rip.

Ripped song name : (
Original song : Final Fantasy Series chocobo theme remix ( by PsySal
Comments : Total rip.

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